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Dedicated to the Possibilities in Free Tools and Opportunities
Nove-Noga Presents Tutorials for GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program,
That Provide Step-by-Step and Click-by-Click Instructions for Commonly
Needed Graphics and Images for your Website and Social Media Networks.

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GIMP Tutorials

Curtiss Martin Nove-Noga!
  • About Nove-Noga: GIMP is a powerful *free graphics tool that I use to build all of my Graphic Images. You can get your *Free GIMP at Most of my instructional Press Releases can be found on my InfoPost Page.

  • GIMP, Gnu Image Manipulation Program

  • *Free Means Free!
  • Frequently, when Instructionals are written by those of great experience, simple steps are omitted from the sequence. They have done it so often that they believe everybody is familiar with these assumed processes. Everyone has to start somewhere. I will endeavor to include each and every step or a reference to where that specific sequence can be found.
  • In the course of writing these HowTo's I have tried to maintain continuity in the Notation used. These are the same methods I use throughout Nove-Noga and my IBO Toolbox Instructional Press Releases.

Notation Methods:

  • Each instruction line is usually in two parts; Verbal then Symbols.
  • "#)" The Symbol line will begin with "#)".
  • EG: #) >>File->Open("Name" = 'work image')[Open/Enter]

  • ">>" Means Select, from the main menu if no {Dockable Dialog} or other source is indicated.
  • The square brackets mean [click this button].
  • The parenthesis mean (your entered info) E.G. (picname.xcf)
  • "Rt>" Means Right Click with your Mouse
  • "->" Click or Select
  • "->>" Double Click
  • ">v" Click DropDown button
  • "^>" Shift + Click
  • " "literals" " The quotes usually contain what has been referred to as "Literals" meaning that that is exactly/literally what you should see.
  • " 'Described Item frequently an Icon' " EG: IBO Edit Icon 'Paper&Pencil'
  • [Action/Enter] is for the Option to Click the button or Hit the Enter key.

  • "*NB:" is for the Latin "Note Bene" which I interpret as Good Note or Note Well.*
  • "EG:" is for the Latin "Exempla Gratia" I use it when illustrating an example. See above.
  • Selection Synonyms: Click, Select, Choose,...

For more information See: GIMP Notation and Descriptions


Image Size Reference

Social Network Image Size Reference
Graphics for Your Needs


Nove-Noga: Create Your Favicon With GIMP

Nove-Noga Favicon Image

  • When I first downloaded GIMP I had no Idea what to expect. The capability of this program is so massive that I was intimidated. I probably looked at it twenty times. I looked up a couple of the tutorials but they weren't making sense to me. It seemed like something was missing from every set of instructions. One of the top things on my graphics list was a Favicon. One day someone gave me the address for a very simple Favicon. I just needed my graphics. That was the day I created my first GIMP project.
Create Your FavIcon for Free With GIMP


Image Resize for IBO Toolbox with GIMP

Nove-Noga IBO Image
Curtiss Martin 200x200 Pixel Image

Nove-Noga 125x125 Image
125x125 Pixel Image

  • One of the first things you will need to do on the Internet is provide suitable Images of you for various profile pages.

  • IBO Toolbox: 200x200 pixels.
  • Webpage Images for Facebook Reference: 125x125 pixels.
Image Resize With GIMP


Nove-Noga: New IBO Image

Nove-Noga IBO Toolbox Image
My IBO Image 200x200 px

  • I am becoming known as Nove-Noga, especially at IBO Toolbox. I took my basic IBO Toolbox Image and airbrushed out the background with my Nove-Noga background color. Then I added the Logo to my image.
Adding Text Logos to Your Image with GIMP


Nove-Noga: Facebook Image with GIMP

Facebook Image for
FaceBook Image 180x180 px
*Note: Displays as 160x160 px

  • As I began to think more about my personal branding and Nove-Noga, I decided to experiment with my Facebook Images.
Nove-Noga Facebook Image with GIMP


A Simple GIMP Animation for Nove-Noga

Nove-Noga Animated Message

Nove-Noga A Different Approach

  • I kept thinking about animation, wondering how it was going to work. I decided to create a small panel with active messages.
A Simple GIMP Animation for Nove-Noga


Nove-Noga: My First Nove-Noga Header with GIMP

Due to a Redesign of Nove-Noga,

This Header is No Longer Active.

Click Here to See Previous Nove-Noga Header.

Simulation of early Nove-Noga Header
  • One of the great things about IBO Toolbox is the people that you meet. Dennis Thorgesen of Lisech eMarketing has been the inspiration of many of my Graphics Projects. On his specific suggestion, I created a new Header for my Nove-Noga pages that incorporated elements of my Branding Efforts.
Nove-Noga: My Nove-Noga Header with GIMP Part 1

Nove-Noga: My Nove-Noga Header with GIMP Part 2


Nove-Noga Google Cover Image for New Changes in Google

Google Plus Page for Curtiss Martin

Google Image for +CurtissMartin

Google Plus Page for Nove-Noga

Google Cover Photo for +Nove-Noga.
Google Cover Photo for +Nove-Noga.
  • Part of your daily routine should be to check each of your active Social Media Sites. I had previously created a cover image for my Google page for which, I did not get around to writing an Instructional Press Release. On a regular inspection in March of 2013, I discovered that the specifications for the cover image had changed.
Nove-Noga Google Cover Image


Nove-Noga on Changing Your Facebook Cover Page

Facebook Page for Curtiss Martin

Facebook Page for Nove-Noga

  • The only thing worse than not having a cover page on Facebook is having one that doesn't work. How many Facebook Cover Pages have you seen that have important parts cut off or covered up? A little planning can go a long way.
Facebook Cover Plan from Nove-Noga
Facebook Cover Plan from Nove-Noga
Nove-Noga on Changing Your Facebook Cover Page


Creating 200x200 Images for Facebook Posts

  • When you want to change the image for your Facebook Posts, you need to use one that is at least 200x200. This is the Click-by-Click Tutorial for Creating a 200x200 IBO Toolbox Banner from the IBO Banner125x125.
IBO Banner
IBO Banner 200x200
Creating 200x200 Images for Facebook Posts


Nove-Noga: Free GIMP - Business Card

Business Card Nove-Noga
  • For those working out of their home, it may be quite useful to design your own business card. These are the instructions for a simple text effort. As you become experienced with the possibilities of GIMP, you may wish to go further.
Free Business Cards with GIMP

  • Having made my Nove-Noga Business Card, I decided to see if I could make them in quantity. One problem that the home worker may discover is that the Card Stock does not always go through our printers square. I designed this project to place Twelve cards on a single sheet with light cutting lines between each column and row.
Business Cards by the Dozen with GIMP


Nove-Noga: Free Banner with GIMP

Nove-Noga Banner1

  • One of the most frequently needed Graphics is a good 468x60 Banner. For IBO Toolbox, you want one at the head of your IBOsocial Pages. Otherwise, you are simply giving away your best advertising spot. This was my first simple text banner.
Free Nove-Noga Banner with GIMP


Nove-Noga: Free GIMP Animated Banner Where Free Means Free!

  • Having experimented with "A Simple GIMP Animation for Nove-Noga", I decided it was time to create a more ambitious project. My simple banner was working well enough but there was so much more that I wanted to say. This was one of the most complicated projects to date and thus covered two PRs.
Free Animated Banner for Nove-Noga Part 1

Free Animated Banner for Nove-Noga Part 2


Nove-Noga: Animated Text Project with Free GIMP

Working Definitions

  • As I was adding material to my Nove-Noga site, I became convinced of the necessity to define certain terms as they were used on my site and in other places. I placed these definitions on my home page. Then I decided that it did not look right. Considering "A Simple GIMP Animation for Nove-Noga", I decided to create a Banner-like box with the definitions displayed for a few seconds at a time. The link for this banner was the new Working Definitions page of Nove-Noga.
Animated Text Project with GIMP


Complex Timing Animation Banner with GIMP

Network Marketing Made EZ Banner NMEZ_468x60

  • For a new venture that I was considering, I decided that I wanted a more complex animated banner. For this project, I was able to obtain the original art used throughout the website. After resizing to fit the needs of this project, I created three basic panels. To make this project work the way I wanted, I had to learn how to set the timing for different portions of the project. Because of the complexity of this project, I had to simplify some of the repeated instructions.
Complex Timing Animation Banner with GIMP



Solutions Indoor Environmental Consulting

  • Jason Yost of SOLUTIONS Indoor Environmental Consulting approached me about creating a more active banner for his business. To this point, all of my Graphics have been created for my own promotional needs. I had no Idea of what I should consider as a fair price for a task of this nature. Working to fulfill the vision of another person is very different from creating something for yourself. You have to consider the body of their work and their ultimate goals. Together we put together a script that I believe will provide a good foundation for his future efforts.

  • In the process, I came to the conclusion that a banner project of this nature is similar to making a multiple presentation of banners for a single campaign. With eight frames and assembly, this project was about nine times the work of a static banner.

  • With changes at IBO Toolbox, I decided to split the presentation into two parts. You will find the descriptive portion at IBO Toolbox.

  • And the Click-by-Click Instructional can be found on the Nove-Noga Blog along with a body of Click-by-Click Instructionals on various tools in the GIMP Toolbox.
Click-by-Click: SOLUTIONS Banner with GIMP


More to Come

  • There will be many more GIMP Tutorials to come. We have just barely scratched the surface. At the time that I started this page, several of the PRs needed to be updated to take advantage of recent notation decisions. Please feel free to Bookmark this page to see the changes to come. If you would like to make a request or have specific suggestions, please contact me through the Chat Button in the left hand panel or directly at IBO Toolbox. Nove-Noga!

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