Nove-Noga: Working Definitions

Until we agree upon the meanings,
Words have little value.
They are just noises,
Fuss and nonsense.

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The Key to Communications

Curtiss Martin Nove-Noga!
  • About Nove-Noga: Communications are not possible until we come to an understanding on the meanings of the words that we use. Take a short and seemingly simple word like "Free." At many sites, free has become a button word used to get you to click on something. Sure, it could be considered a free presentation or video right up to the point where you push the buy button. To me, that is not free. That is an advertisement or presentation or promotional offer. Free should mean FREE! For a good example, go to the bottom of the home page and click on the *Free GIMP button. That will take you to the GIMP website where you download GIMP for free.

Working Definitions

Some Working Definitions:

  • Job: A full-time or part-time position for a single entity most likely involving hourly or salaried rates paid in a regular cycle.

  • Task: a defined project or assignment.

  • Work: Do a task - Get Paid.

  • Entity: In the business world an "Entity" can be as simple as a single person in his/r own persona or as complex as a multi-national corporation.

  • Service: Utilize an entity's skills in performance of a task.

  • Contractor: One who engages in a contract with a person or entity to complete one or more tasks or services for said entity. The Contractor is the one who Does the Work.

  • Client: the business or personal entity with work or tasks to be performed by contractors. The Client pays for the work.

  • Long Term Contract: Do a lot of work for a single entity.

  • Freelance: A person who performs work or services by the hour, day or task rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer. See Contractor.

  • Freelancer: One who sells services to one or more Clients without a long-term contract with any of them.

  • Freelancing: To make your living by your efforts as a freelancer.

  • Freelancing Service: An entity that facilitates the contracting arrangement between Contractors and Clients.

  • Opportunity: A situation requiring an investment of time and energy (Money is encapsulated energy.) for a speculative return on investment.

  • Money: Encapsulated energy designed to make it easier to carry the fruits of your labor and exchange it for other fruits.

  • Free: Without requirement of a monetary investment.

  • Free Opportunity: An opportunity requiring no monetary investment in the system or service to achieve a successful end. If you Have to buy something to succeed then it is not free.

  • Resource: An offering of information to facilitate the completion of tasks or the attainment of knowledge.

  • TANSTAAFL: Acronym - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. From R. Heinlein. It implies that there is always a cost to anything Free. Always Identify the cost to see if it is Free to you.

  • MLM: Acronym - Multi-Level Marketing. A business structure where part of your income is derived from the efforts of those recruited by and below you.

  • HYIP: Acronym - High Yield Investment Program. Google "HYIP definition" for details.

  • Hinky: Not quite legitimate. The subject at hand may have value but may not be All that it claims.

  • NB: Abbreviation for the Latin "Note Bene" which I interpret as Good Note or Note Well. It is used to direct attention to something particularly important.
  • *NB:I first saw it in a Robert A. Heinlein book. It was several years before I found out what the reference meant. In fact, I thought it meant simply, "Good Note: and have continued to use it that way.*

  • EG: Abbreviation for the Latin "Exempla Gratia" I use it when illustrating an example.

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