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Creating 200x200 Images for Facebook Posts

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Info Post at Nove-Noga.comCreating 200x200 Images for Facebook Posts.

Sometimes the images provided for our links on Facebook, just aren't what we want. Perhaps we want to be original. Perhaps we just need to use another image. The first thing we need to know is that the minimum size for the og:image most often provided for websites and pages is 200x200 pixels. This could explain why images that were usable earlier no longer work.

For info on notation and standard practices see: "GIMP Notation and Descriptions"
Graphics by GIMP


For this exercise, as mentioned in Images for Facebook Posts, we need the square IBO Banner. Unfortunately, that Banner is not available in 200x200. Don't fret. This is where GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program comes on strong. We will start with a copy of the Banner from IBO Toolbox - SITE NAVIGATION - REFERRAL LINKS.

1) Login to IBO Toolbox. Select REFERRAL LINKS in SITE NAVIGATION.
#) >>IBOtoolbox

IBO Banner

2) Scroll down to the IBOtoolbox Rectangle 125x125 banner. Right-Click on the Image and save to your GIMP Work Area on your computer.
#) Rt>Banner2.png->SaveAs (Banner125x125.png)

3) Fire up your GIMP tool.
#) >>GIMP

4) Open banner125x125 that you just downloaded to your computer.
#) >>File->Open ("Places"="MyDocuments") ->>("Name"="GIMP") ->>("Name"="'WorkArea'") ->("Name"='banner125x125') [Open/Enter]

*Note: The 125x125 Banner is actually a little smaller than that. We will use the Rectangle Select Tool to select and copy the area that we want.

5) Select the [Rectangle Select Tool] from {Toolbox}. Left Click the point at the top left corner and hold the key down to drag a box around the Image area. Once you have your rough box, you can Click the "handles" on each side to adjust the box or Click the center to move the whole box. Use the display at the bottom of the box to make sure your Selected area is Square. My final selection was 119x119.
#) >>{Toolbox}[Rectangle Select Tool]
Left Click a point on the image and Drag a box approximately as desired. As you do so, the size will be displayed at the bottom of your work area. If you need to change it, you can click in each corner or side and drag it as necessary. When ready, proceed to next step.

6) Copy Selection to the Clipboard.
#) >>Edit->Copy

7) Create a new Image from copy.
#) >>File->Create->FromClipboard

8) Save as New Image at size EG: Banner119x119.xcf. *NB: The First Save often defaults to "My Documents". Take Care to save your new image in your 'WorkArea'.*
#) >>File->SaveAs ('Banner119x119.xcf') ->( "Places" = "My Documents") ->>("Name" = "GIMP") ->>("Name" = "'WorkArea'") [Save/Enter]

9) Scale Banner119x119 to desired size. EG: 200x200.
#) >>Image->ScaleImage {Scale Image} Width=200 [Tab] [Scale]

10) Save as Banner200x200.
#) >>File->SaveAs ('Banner200x200.xcf') [Save/Enter]

Your new Banner is now the right size. All you need to do is Export it and place it where you can find it. Facebook only uses PNG and JPG images. The default format for GIMP is PNG. I recommend that you save it as IBObanner200x200.png in MyDocuments/GIMP/Facebook.

11) Export as PNG:
The default is PNG. For this you will not need to change the extension. We are going to change the name to IBObanner200x200 and change the Directory to MyDocuments/GIMP/Facebook. Then, in {Export Image} simply hit Enter. That will take you to {Export Image as PNG}. In most cases you will not want to make any changes. Simply hit Enter again to complete the process. The results will be in the folder/directory indicated by {Export Image}.
#) >>File->Export ->('IBObanner200x200.png') ( "Places" = "My Documents") ->>("Name" = "GIMP") ->>("Name" = "'Facebook'") [Export/Enter] {Export Image as PNG}[Export/Enter]

For Advanced users, {Export Image as PNG} has the following options. (Shown as standard)
[ ] Interlacing (Adam 7)
[x] Save background color
[ ] Save gamma
[ ] Save layer offset
[x] Save resolution
[x] Save creation time
[x] Save comment
[x] Save color values from transparent pixels
Compression level: >v[ 9]
[Load Defaults] [Save Defaults]
[Help] [Export] [Cancel]

As noted above, I usually just go with the defaults. Click/hit [Export/enter]

IBO Banner
IBO Banner 200x200

Now you have an image that you can use with your IBO Toolbox Invitation link instead of the images provided. Please note that this trick only seems to work with Posts created in your Fan Pages but it does give you a reusable posts with the desired image. The minimum image size is 200x200. The height can be as much as 150% of the width. Full width images are 1200x627. *Note: you can get some strange results for images in the middle ranges. Be prepared to test and review.

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