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We have all heard the phrase 'Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained'
This embraces the philosophy that to achieve anything we must first do.
Not try, mind you. Trying presupposes the possibility of failure.
Don't 'try', DO!

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Curtiss Martin Nove-Noga!
  • Nove-Noga! My name is Curtiss Martin and this website is the direct result of my efforts to find an honorable way to make a living online. Nove-Noga is short for Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained and it encompasses the philosophy that, in order to achieve anything we must first DO. This website is for those ready to DO, ready to Venture forth and Succeed. Nove-Noga rhymes with Nova as in exploding star. Pronounce it NOva-NOga.

Dedicated to Possibilities

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Curtiss Martin Nove-Noga!

Contact Information Curtiss Martin Las Vegas, Nevada

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