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My First IBO Tip

When posting your Press Release, select your entire content and designate the Text Color and the Font Size. I recommend setting Text Color to Black and your Font Size to 12 or 14 pt. Otherwise, your text will come out Small and Gray and very hard to read.

Curtiss Martin Nove-Noga!
  • About Nove-Noga: I started this page when the only training available was in video form and the help desk wasn't even a dream yet. I continue this page because I have a different perspective on many aspects of IBO Toolbox. I share with you what I have found and what I know works. As IBO has evolved some specific references may no longer be accurate but the spirit of each post remains.

  • IBO Toolbox is a Free Social Medium for Independent Business Owners. At IBO Toolbox, there are excellent help videos and Press Releases (PRs) on most of the IBO Toolbox pages. Despite that, some people seem to have a little difficulty getting started. I remember my first days there. It was fascinating but a little overwhelming.
  • To make the most of the Free IBO Toolbox, you need to earn and maintain your five star rating. When other IBOers see your User Level at five or six stars, they know that you are a valued and participating member of IBO Toolbox. IBOTOOLBOX ONTRACK on the Dashboard shows your current status and what you need to address to gain or regain your five or six stars.

Changes for IBO V3

The New IBO Wall and Your IBOsocial Pages

Changes in the IBOsocial Page of IBO Toolbox V3

IBO Toolbox V3 and the New IBO Member

Keeping Up With Changes at IBO Toolbox

About Your IBO Stars

  • You Receive IBO Stars for:
  • Completion of Steps 1 thru 3 of your IBO Profile with 200x200 Photo and Business.
  • Active Banner or Text Advertising in last 48 hours.
  • Press Release Comment Activity in last 48 hours.
  • IBO Dashboard Wall Comment Activity in last 24 hours.
  • Press Release Posted within last 48 hours.
  • Referral to IBO Toolbox in Last 5 days.

  • When you visit the IBO Toolbox Dashboard, your Stars are reset. The list above tells you which Stars will disappear when you return to the Dashboard. To activate any Stars you have earned, you need to visit the Dashboard. If the Star shows on the IBO Toolbox Ontrack but not on your Stars in the Dashboard Heading, in SITE NAVIGATION click DASHBOARD to refresh the page. (A normal refresh doesn't do the same thing.)

  • When you are away from the IBO Toolbox Dashboard, your Press Release Star lasts five days (sometimes more). Your Referral Star seems to be lasting up to seven days. While the Press Release and Referral Stars can expire while you are away from the Dashboard, the other four Stars remain active until you return to the Dashboard.

  • To quickly earn back your IBO Stars when you return to the IBO Toolbox Dashboard, have a Press Release prepared and post it immediately. Make sure your Advertising is Active. (It can take around 50 views for your Advertising Star to Activate.) Make or comment on a few Wall Posts. Make a few Business Owner Comments on Press Releases. Remember to return to the IBO Toolbox Dashboard to activate your Stars.

Free IBO Toolbox Credits

  • IBO Toolbox SITE NAVIGATIONIBO Toolbox Credits are what drive our Advertising. You can purchase Credits at IBO Toolbox and you can take advantage of the Free Credits available at IBO Toolbox.

  • The Daily Free Credit Codes are worth 50 Credits. They are published twice daily at 6AM and 6PM USA Eastern Time. On IBO Toolbox in SITE NAVIGATION under CREDIT CENTER select FREE CREDITS. That will take you to the FREE CREDIT COUPONS section. Copy the DAILY BONUS CODE. *Example: daily-4D6029F8* Click "redeem here". In the {REDEEM CREDIT COUPONS} tool, paste the Code into the box. *Note: You will see a REMINDER to visit a few ads on another part of IBO Toolbox. This helps keep IBO Toolbox free for us to use. After you have done so, return and Click [REDEEM COUPON].* You should see a message that says "ACCEPTED, 50 credits were added!"

  • You can also reach the Coupon Redemption Tool through SITE NAVIGATION - CREDIT CENTER [REDEEM COUPON].

  • The Wednesday Webinar at 8PM Eastern is now worth 400 Credits for those who attend live. Register early at, http://www.ibourl.com/webinar. Replays will be available on YouTube at http://www.ibourl.net/recordedwebinar and will no longer contain the Credit Code which must be redeemed before 11PM Eastern on the day of the Webinar.

  • The IBO Toolbox News Letter is published around Noon Eastern every Sunday. The News Letter Credit Code is worth 100 Credits and is good thru the following Saturday, http://www.ibotoolboxnews.com/.

  • Tip: If you are serious about Marketing, you want to get your name in front of as many people as possible. Take advantage of the opportunity to place a useful and relevant comment on the Webinar and NewsLetter pages. Remember not to Spam.

  • Kris Karafotas, our IBO Toolbox Video Trainer has put together a Video Training Series for IBO Toolbox and other subjects at http://marketwithkris.com/. Join for free and earn 50 credits each for viewing the IBO Toolbox lessons. There is also a weekly credit code, changed on Tuesdays, that is worth 200 Credits.

  • If you have not completed the first three steps of EDIT PROFILE, that is worth 500 Credits. If someone joins IBO Toolbox with you, you earn 200 Credits when they complete the first three steps of EDIT PROFILE. You can find your IBO Invitation links and Banners in SITE NAVIGATION - REFERRAL LINKS.

  • When you have Five or Six Stars, every Business Owner Comment (Limit 1 per Press Release) is worth 5 Credits. This is just one of the ways that IBO Toolbox encourages your Participation in the platform.

  • IBO Toolbox is a Free Social Network. However, you are welcome to become a "Contributor" and purchase additional Advertising Credits. As a Contributor, you are awarded your Contributor Badge for thirty days and certain activities earn you double Credits. These activities include your Business Owner Comments and the Bonus for completion of Profile by those who join IBO Toolbox with you. In SITE NAVIGATION under CREDIT CENTER select PURCHASE.

Quick Start Information

  • IBO Toolbox Here is a different approach to getting started with IBO Toolbox. Just Signed Up with IBO Toolbox. What do I do Next? Remember, the best way to make IBO Toolbox work for you is by Participation. Your Business Owner Comment will be greatly appreciated. Show your IBO Spirit by your Facebook Comment and sharing it to your other Networks.

  • IBO Toolbox is my favorite promotional tool. I just want all my Associates to get as much value from it as I have. This second Press Releases should get them off to a good start. Just Signed Up with IBOtoolbox, Continued.

  • Now that you have your IBO Toolbox account set up and you have earned your Five or Six Stars, it is time to put IBO Toolbox to work for You!Networking With IBO Toolbox.

  • Make the most of IBO Toolbox: Post two Press Releases every day when possible. Associate with at least 10 members every day and follow up on the Social Media Networks.

  • The information below has been generated to help people get a feel for and make the most out of IBO Toolbox. They are largely the result of answering the questions posed to me by newcomers. Some of it still needs to be updated for the new system but the IBO Spirit Remains.

UnTold at IBO Toolbox

  • The following are details that are easily overlooked or, in some cases, unmentioned at IBO Toolbox.

  • The Webinar Credit Code, 400 Credits, is only available to attendees of the live Webinar held on Wednesdays at 5PM USA Eastern. Use the code promptly as it is good for only a short time. It is against the rules to share the Credit Code.

  • The Credit Code for the Newsletter is good through the Following Saturday Midnight United States Eastern Time. You can redeem them in the same box that you use to redeem the Daily Credit Code. SITE NAVIGATION - CREDIT CENTER - FREE CREDITS.

  • Your Press Release Star can Last up to Five Days. It is a good Idea to maintain Five or Six Stars whenever possible. IBO Toolbox is designed to encourage you to post a Press Release at least once every 48 hours. However, if you avoid the Dashboard, your Press Release Star remains active for Five Days (sometimes more). After the Press Release and/or Recruit Star has expired, your four stars will remain until your next login. To avoid the Dashboard, stay logged in and only interact with IBOsocial Pages. *Note: This may no longer be viable.*

  • Expired Stars Disappear after Login to the Dashboard. Shortly after you Login to the IBO Toolbox Dashboard, any expired Stars will disappear. See IBO ONTRACK to see the current status of your Stars. If your advertising is still active and your Profile is complete, you can usually earn the other three stars quickly by 1) Posting a Press Release, 2) Making three or more Wall Posts and 3) Making 3 or more Business Owner Comments on Press Releases (Limit 1 per Press Release or Video).

  • *Note: You only earn credits for your Business Owner Comments when you have Five or Six Stars.

  • The Referral Star does not appear until you return to the Dashboard. This is also true of most of the other Stars. In fact, you may need to refresh the Dashboard by clicking SITE NAVIGATION - DASHBOARD one or more times to have the status shown in IBOTOOLBOX ONTRACK reflected in the Star display. It is simply more noticeable because you are likely to be away from IBO Toolbox when you get a new Referral.

  • There is a limit to the number of links you can have in your Press Release. While I cannot state a definite number at this time, it is quite possible to have too many links in your IBO Toolbox Press Release. This is one reason for indexing your pages elsewhere. EG: This IBO Tip List.

  • When you send a member an Associate Request, it remains active for one month. I recommend welcoming new members on their Wall Posts. It leaves a more permanent mark.

  • A small problem with the "Message" Icon. If you use the messages Icon from the IBO Toolbox Header, the display shows Unread messages and the First Messages you have already read. This can cause the Message you have most recently read to "disappear". Use the link in SITE NAVIGATION.

  • These are not "Secrets" as such. They are just some of the little details so well known by the Veteran IBOer that people forget to mention them.


The Five Star Sequence:

  • With proper preparation, I believe you can get to five stars in less than an hour. Every time I sign up with a new service, I have to provide a different list of information. I thought it would be nice to have a preparation list to smooth the initial stages. Then you would not have to search through ten different files to find what you wanted.
Prepare to Join IBO Toolbox with Nove-Noga

  • The first stage is the initial application and the setting up of your Profile. This earns you your First Star and 500 Advertising Credits.
Join IBO Toolbox with Nove-Noga
  • As you are setting up your IBO Profile, you might want to take advantage of the moment to set up your IBO Front Page.
A GIMP Image for My IBO Front Page

  • Most people are at IBO Toolbox to generate interest in their business or website. While there are many places to advertise on IBO, the most important is the Banner Ad on your IBO Social Page. If you are not running a banner, you are Giving Away your advertising opportunity and most likely loosing that traffic. You earned your first credits by setting up your profile. Use those credits to set up your First Banner and earn your Second Star.
Posting Your First Banner at IBO Toolbox V2.0
  • If you don't already have your own website, you may not have any place on the web to host the images that you need to use in your marketing efforts.
Nove-Noga on IMGbox Free Image Hosting

  • When you comment on a Press Release, those with IBO Spirit are likely to follow you back to your IBO Social page looking for a Press Release to comment on in turn. You should introduce yourself to us and earn your Third Star by posting your First PR.
Nove-Noga on Your First Press Release
  • To get my Press Release to come out the way that I want it at IBO Toobox, I have learned the importance of having a process.
My IBO Press Release Process for 2016
  • With the advent of IBO Toolbox V2.0 there were many changes to the IBO Toolbox PR Editor.
Nove-Noga on the New IBO PR Tool
Editing Your IBO Toolbox Press Release

  • Now you are down to the fun part. You earn your Fourth and Fifth Stars by commenting on the Wall and in PRs. Remember that IBO Toolbox is a Safe Haven for business. No negative posting please.
Earn your Fourth and Fifth IBO Toolbox Stars with Nove-Noga


Five IBO Stars Fast

  • After a long weekend, or a bit of time away from IBO Toolbox, you will need to refresh your stars.
Five IBO Toolbox Stars Fast by Nove-Noga


IBO Spirit and Etiquette:

  • This was my first effort to help newcomers when I was still largely a newcomer myself.
IBO Toolbox New User Tips by Nove-Noga

  • IBO Toolbox is a World Wide Community. By working together, caring and sharing, we spread our messages to the world.
Nove-Noga on IBO Spirit and Etiquette

  • It is easy to overlook something, especially in a new environment.
Common Mistakes for New IBOers

  • Sometimes it is necessary to be blunt.
No HammerHeads Please by Nove-Noga


Helpful Hints:

  • Rule One: Always Check Your Links. Usually at IBO Toolbox, Links in boxes usually Must Not have the Hypertext prefix "ht..://". In PRs you need to setup your links. For more on this:
Nove-Noga: IBO Tips for Clickable Links

  • The DASHBOARD is the Center of Operations for IBO Toolbox. It is amazing what you can do from this single page. With the New IBO Toolbox, we can do even more. Maybe this can help you get a leg up.

  • The New IBO MEMBER VIEWER is easily accessed from The Wall or MY ASSOCIATES. It gives a quick view of the Member's Statistics and Information as well as Access to the Member's Social Media Networks, Wall Posts, and RSS Feeds. It can also be used to send a Message, give credits to a Member, set email notifications on a member by member basis, report unacceptable member behavior and view the Member's Profile.
The New IBO Member Viewer

  • Maybe you are wondering why you want to use IBO Toolbox. Is it worth the effort? I believe it is. I found IBO Toolbox about two months after I started the Nove-Noga Website. That was about two months after I started my search for a new income on the internet. If I had found IBO Toolbox first, I would have done many things differently. At IBO, I finally began to learn what I needed to know to promote my website. This press release is an early statement of my discoveries.
Nove-Noga: IBO and Branding

  • For a good list of ways to earn Free IBO Advertising Credits,
Earn IBO Toolbox Advertising Credits for Free

  • To learn how to issue Invitations and find the Banners & Links,
Your IBO Toolbox Inviter


Recent Additions

  • There are many advantages to the IBOurl and the ".net" alias.
Nove-Noga on the IBOurl

  • Unlike many other Social Media Networks, you can change almost everything about your IBO Toolbox account.
You Can Change That

  • While this tool is not "free" as such, you may be able to find it on your computer already.
Microsoft OneNote as a Working Tool


As I Mentioned,

There is a Lot of Information to cover.

Shall I send it to your email?


A Little About Nove-Noga

  • It seems unlikely that I have written my last PR as Nove-Noga on IBO Toolbox. However, I have found it wise to post my linked content where I can control it. This just means that I will be able to tell you more about how IBO Toolbox really works. It is still a Very Useful Tool. You might want to check back from time to time to see if there have been any interesting changes.

  • Over the years, I have largely worked for myself or as a sub-contractor. Businesses or associations have included Shoe Repair, Canvas Design & Construction, Boat Service & Sales, Computer & Accounting Services, Apartment Management & Maintenance, Lighting Sales, Construction & Design of Lighting Projects, and Program Design in dBase for Accounting & Inventory Control and Microchip Programming.

  • The Nove-Noga website was originally created as a platform for Real Work Opportunities on the Internet. But I did not stop there. It has expanded to include information on HowTo turn some hobbies into Internet Careers. From there I have begun pursuing Alternate Ways and Means for dealing with current energy problems. The Free Online Opportunity that lead to the website can be found in the Opporknockity section. Lately I have turned my focus to the Possibilities in Free Opportunities and Tools. Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained: Nove-Noga!


A Different Kind of Alternative

IBO Toolbox is so much more than a place to do business promotion.
It provides a forum that almost guarantees a response to your publications.
IBO Toolbox Members earn and use advertising credits
to extend the reach of our promotional message.
Learn and Grow with the information shared
By an amazing group of business persons.
Join IBO Toolbox, Your new home for Business.
Join and Use IBO Toolbox for *Free.
*Free Means FREE!


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One More Tip for My IBO Friends and Associates.
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I am a Proud IBOtizen.
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The Choices you make
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You can continue as you have,
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The Choice is Yours!
Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained

Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga!

Nothing Ventured - Nothing Gained. Nove-Noga!


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