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Image Resize With GIMP

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Info Post at Nove-Noga.comImage Resize for IBO Toolbox with GIMP

Your IBO Image is one of the most important elements on your ongoing branding efforts. For excellent information on branding yourself on the Internet see Dennis Thorgesen of Lisech eMarketing.
One of the easiest ways to make sure that the image displayed is exactly what you wanted is to create a 200x200 pixel image to upload to IBO Toolbox.

Notation methods:
Each instruction line is usually in two parts. Verbal then Symbols.
"#)" The Symbol line will begin with "#)".
EG: #) >>File->Open("Name" = 'work image')[Open/Enter]

">>" Means Select, from the main menu if no {Dockable Dialog} or other source is indicated.
The square brackets mean [click this button].
The parenthesis mean (your entered info) E.G. (picname.xcf)
"Rt>" Means Right Click with your Mouse
"->" Click or Select
"->>" Double Click
">v" Click DropDown button
"^>" Shift + Click
" "literals" " The quotes usually contain what has been referred to as "Literals" meaning that that is exactly/literally what you should see.
" 'Described Item frequently an Icon' " EG: IBO Edit Icon 'Paper&Pencil'
[Action/Enter] is for the Option to Click the button or Hit the Enter key.

"*NB:" is for the Latin "Note Bene" which I interpret as Good Note or Note Well.*
"EG:" is for the Latin "Exempla Gratia" I use it when illustrating an example. See above.
Selection Synonyms: Click, Select, Choose,...

For more info on notation and standard practices see: "GIMP Notation and Descriptions"

Nove-Noga IBO Image

1)Fire Up the Free* GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). See bottom of my home page at for the link to download your own copy.
*Free Means FREE!
#) >>GIMP

2) Open the folder containing the original image. Mine is a 2592x1944 JPEG in a folder under my working files.
#) >>File->Open("Places"="Desktop") ->>("Name"="Nove-Noga")
->>("Name"="GIMP")->>("Name"='original picture') [Open/Enter]

Choose and enter a working name and save it. Be Sure not to change the xcf extension. Select your working folder before clicking the [Save] button. GIMP returns to the default folder on start-up.

3) Save as a new file "OrigPic" in our new GIMP Project "Resize"
#) >>File->SaveAs{Save Image}("OrigPic.xcf")("Places"="My Documents")->>("Name"="GIMP")[Create Folder]

Our objective is to create an image that we will be using across the internet. In most of the applications that I have seen, you will want a square image. The IBO Toolbox is 200x200 pixels.

4) In {Toolbox} select the "Rectangle Select Tool".
#) >>{Toolbox}["Rectangle Select Tool"]

5) Position the cursor on the image where you think you want to start. Left Click and hold while pulling the box across the desired area. Observe the bottom of the dialog box as you move the cursor. When you have achieved the box size desired, release the mouse button. Observe the results. You can almost always undo steps in edit. Repeat as necessary until pleased with your selection.
#) ->(On image)(Drag box to desired size "1500x1500")
To Undo
#) >>Edit->Undo

6) Copy the chosen area to your clipboard.
#) >>Edit->Copy

7) Create a new file using your clipboard selection.
#) >>File->Create>FromClipboard

8) This will create a new untitled file that you should name and save immediately. Be careful to Verify or Create your folder during this process.
Save immediately as NewPic.
#) >>File->SaveAs(NewPic)[Save/Enter]

Always create your new images from your best originals. If you need several sizes, create each separately from your original selection, in this case NewPic.

9) Resize or Scale NewPic to 200x200 Pixels for an IBO Toolbox Image.
#) >>Image->ScaleImage
In {Scale Image} Adjust width Or Height to desired number, hit the tab key to automatically adjust the other number.
#) >>{Scale Image} Width="200" [tab key] [Scale]

10) Save your new image base. I recommend indicating size. *Do not change extension.
#) >>File->SaveAs(NewPic200x200)[Save/Enter]

11) Export your new image. The default is PNG. For JPEG simply change the extension in the first dialog box.
#) >>File->Export [Export/Enter] {Export Image as PNG}[Export/Enter]

Your new file NewPic.png is in your MyDocuments/GIMP/Resize folder.

12) Cleanup - Close Without Saving, all your working images. If you saved each as you went along, then you are saving the image you drew the copy from, no-problem, and the image you exported from, again not a problem.

I need a second image for my webpage. This one I want to be 110x110.

1) Open your base image.
#) >>File->Open("Places" = "My Documents")->>("Name" = "GIMP")->>("Name" = "Resize")->("Name" = "NewPic.xcf")[Open/Enter]

2) Scale Image to 110x110
#) >>Image->ScaleImage{Scale Image} (Width = 110) [tab key] [Scale]

3) Save new image.
#) >>File->SaveAs(NewPic110x110.xcf)[Save/Enter]

4) Export new image as JPEG.
#) >>File->Export(NewPic110x110.jpg)[Export/Enter]{Export Image as JPEG}[Export/Enter]

5) Close working image Without Saving.

All Done. In a couple of minutes I created a custom sized image. Now I just upload it to my website Images file and adjust the code on my page to utilize it.

Nove-Noga IBO Image
My First Image at IBO Toolbox. Nove-Noga!

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