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Alternative Ways and Means

  • Well, the world did not come to an end. Here we are in 2014 still dealing with the same daily problems. The price of fuel fluctuates according to where the powers that be want us to spend our money. The cost of electricity appears to be on the rise and our dollars buy less every year. Everyone seems to have their hand in our pockets trying to saddle us with another monthly expense.

  • The only way that I know to deal with these things is to grab ahold of the costs that we can deal with. When I was growing up, they told us that Solar and Wind would never be cost effective. Fuel was so cheap that they did not even consider it economical to provide proper insulation for your housing. These days, when the choice seems to be eating or pay the power bill, we had better start taking control of what we can.

  • I have gathered together a group of DIY resources that may help you find the answers that you need. Many of these offer excellent bonuses in areas beyond the subject originally dealt with. Have fun with these and remember; only we can save the planet.


Alternative Energy Solutions

Solar and Wind Energy

  • Are you considering the establishment of an alternative power system to help mitigate some of your energy costs? This offering includes plans for a small wind generator as well as instructions for building your own solar arrays. There are many things to consider when planning your Alternative Energy Resources. Michael Harvey is an electrician who has already solved many of the problems that you are facing.

  • In many locations, you may be required by local building codes to employ licensed contractors for any integrated system you may be considering. By understanding the requirements and methods of such systems, you can avoid some of the pitfalls and possibly reduce your overall project costs.

  • Here is something to think about. Did you know that it is standard practice in most businesses to double the cost of the product that they are selling to you? Would you like to learn ways to reduce your project costs by sourcing the materials for yourself? Are you ready to start planning a successful home energy system? Click on the Banner below to get started with your Green Future Today!
Solar and Wind Resource Info.
For More Info on This Home Energy Solution


Are You Tired of Feeding Your Gas Guzzler?

  • The electric car is the next logical step in our efforts to go green. Our gas guzzlers are as doomed as the dinosaurs. But, even if we could afford one of the new electric cars, they can only make so many every year. We have alternatives available to us.

  • With the proper information, we can convert existing gas guzzlers into modern green machines. I found two different offerings in this area. For detailed information on the first offering check out this Electric Vehicle Preview. Then Click on the Banner to begin your journey to your new green vehicle.
Imagine Never visiting a gas station again.

A Different Electric Car Conversion

  • Or, you may want to check out this other approach. Not only do they provide the information on converting your gas guzzler to electricity, they also provide their instructions on solar, wind and other renewable energy solutions.

  • For those desiring to live completely off the grid, this may be one of the best offers that I have been able to find. Click on the Banner below to open yourself up to a truly green future.
Car Conversion and Much More.


Recycling Batteries for Savings or Profit

  • One of the major costs in alternative energy projects centers around the need for batteries of one sort or another. In your solar energy systems they serve to collect the daylight power for use throughout the night. In electric car conversions they are required as replacement for the fuel tank. Regardless of their purpose, batteries can represent a large part of your project costs.

  • Did you know that batteries can often be saved and reused? By recycling batteries, you can save money on your project and help save the planet. This DIY guide to reconditioning batteries can help you save money on your project and may lead you into a lucrative business opportunity.
Your Guide to Battery Reconditioning.


Home Automation Technology

  • I have been thinking about green energy and its applications for home use since before the advent of the home computer. To me, the problem always seemed to be one of control. Today we have the tools available to make use of our green options.

  • Anyone who has ever had any experience with a greenhouse is aware of the problems in the heat cycle. Consider the possibilities created by the ability to sense the excess heat and divert it into some form of thermal storage for use in the nighttime hours.

  • With home automation technology, we can integrate our on grid and off-grid systems to provide a more complete solution. The presentation below was created for automation and integration of the conventional home. With just a few more steps it could provide methods for control of our green structures as well.
Home Automation and Networking Home Automation & Networking - A complete guide on how to Automate & Network your Home, ranging from a simple installation to a total integrated Home control system.


A Different Kind of Alternative

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