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Thank you for your patience.
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Nove-Noga: My! My! Isn't That Interesting?

This Website is all about the Possibilities.
From Time to Time,
One may stumble across something Interesting.
Here are a few of these nuggets.

Sometimes we find things that make us Think.

The following are offerings that I found interesting but not easily categorized.


Words To Make You Think
What the Large Print Giveth,
The Fine Print Taketh Away.

Online Legal Forms

  • We live in a society bound by Legal Forms. Living or dying, selling or buying, you frequently need proper legal documentation to carry out your wishes. For special purposes, you may still require the services of a lawyer. For the common, day to day tasks, even the lawyers turn to what they call "boiler plate." Simply put, these are examples drawn from previously produced documents. Why pay full lawyer rates for the documents that can simply be taken off the shelf.

  • This easy to use website gives you instant access to many forms and contracts for business and personal use at very reasonable rates. All legal documents at your fingertips are organized for your convenience by subject or legal area. I found it very interesting to look through the site to see what documents they packaged together to give a more thorough product to protect your rights and needs.
Legal Forms and Contracts


Words To Make You Think
There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. On the Other Hand,
there are ways to obtain things without spending money.
The Trick is to Know Why it is "Free". And who is paying for the Lunch.

Hundreds of eBooks

  • This is a fascinating collection of eBooks at reasonable prices covering a great many categories. The primary headings cover; Business, Health, Home & Family, Entertainment, General, Marketing and Free eBooks.
Download eBooks


Words To Make You Think
It is only a Crisis, if you have not Planned for it.
Otherwise, it is an Adventure.

Greenhouse Kits to Enrich Your Healthy Lifestyle!

  • With the price of food going up every year and questions about the quality and safety, you may be wondering where to start looking for a greenhouse. The truth is that a greenhouse can be more than a survival tool. Have you considered the benefits of having your own greenhouse? It can be used to expand control of your food supply and ensure the quality of the food you feed your family.
Greenhouse Kits and Information.


Words To Make You Think
Broadcast Energy may not be Impossible.
They Simply could not figure out how to regulate it,
So Big Industry Killed it.

Energy by Tesla

  • I found this offering interesting. The problem is that I could not get the math to work out. Nikola Tesla discovered and applied many interesting scientific principles. I would consider this project only in the nature of a science project. If you have a working application of the principles in this project, I would love to hear about it.

  • When I Googled "Nikola Tesla" I found a very interesting and comprehensive report at that provides a great many articles on this fascinating scientist.

  • I have also located the "proof" video presented below. It will provide you with many insightful links into the ongoing experiments that have a great deal of promise. The YouTube link is and I found it with a Google search for "Tesla Radiant Energy Receiver."
Tesla's Secrets can be Yours!


A Different Kind of Alternative

IBO Toolbox is so much more than a place to do business promotion.
It provides a forum that almost guarantees a response to your publications.
IBO Toolbox Members earn and use advertising credits
to extend the reach of our promotional message.
Learn and Grow with the information shared
By an amazing group of business persons.
Join IBO Toolbox, Your new home for Business.
Join and Use IBO Toolbox for *Free.
*Free Means FREE!


ASN Free Business Resources
Interesting is What is on the Other Side of This Banner!

I am a Proud IBOtizen.
You are Welcome to Join Us.

Social Media


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ASN PayDay Advances

ASN No Down Homeloans

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