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Info Post at Nove-Noga.comNove-Noga on Free Image Hosting.

With the changes to IBOtoolbox in June 2013, you may find yourself with the need for some form of image hosting to support your graphic based advertising. If you have your own domain and website, it is a simple matter to upload the images to your image file for your website. For those without access to their own sites, you may need an alternative.

Remember that those who have banners made by BizOpBanners are also provided with hosting of those banners. Those in need of a banner may want to check out this service offered by Kris Karafotas of BizOpBanners.

You need to take care that the service you choose will store your images in the proper format. Some "free" services may claim to offer proper storage but until you upload and test, you may not know whether or not they will come through.

I am currently using two GIF Banners on my IBOsocial pages and therefore need a site that will support these banners. With a little search and diligence, I have found one that seems to fill the bill.

At you can Host JPG, GIF and PNG images up to 10mb each. They offer Hotlinking so that you can use your images wherever you need. They use a very simple interface with unlimited storage space and unlimited storage time.

Please be sure to check out the terms of service just so that you do not inadvertently break their very simple and standard rules.

The signup was extremely simple requiring only an email account and a password. I was pleased to find that they did not indicate the password in the confirmation email.

You can upload your Images to ImgBox by Selecting the files on your computer or by Drag and Drop.
1)At the ImgBox Upload screen, Click [SELECT FILES]. Select the image to be uploaded from the window. Click [Open].
2) Select the Content Type, Family Safe Content or Adult Content. Default = Family Safe Content.
3) Select the Thumbnail size from the list. Default = 200x200 Pixel (square).
4) Enable or Disable Comments. New feature allowing people to comment on images and share them. Default = Enable Comments.
5) Choose your Gallery Option. Create a New Gallery, Add to Existing Gallery or Do Not Create a Gallery. Default = Create a Gallery.
5a) Enter a Gallery Name. Set the name for your new Gallery.
If you wish, you can Click [ADD MORE] to add more images to this upload.
When you are prepared, Click [Start Upload]

For my demonstration, I uploaded an Image I created for Free to use on Facebook. Taxi200x200.png.

After your image is uploaded, you are given the opportunity to copy three code formats in Thumbnail and in Full Size. *Note: Default is Thumbnail. Be careful to choose Full Size. This will be your Only Opportunity to obtain this code.

Code Options:
Links Only:
HTML-Code: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="image host"/></a>
BB-Code: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

The HTML-Code Points to the ImgBox Comment and Sharing Page for that Image. If you are going to use it somewhere else, you will need to change the href attribute appropriately.

Example: To Insert this image into this Info Post, I changed the HTML-Code above. I have set the href attribute to my Facebook Profile and added the title, width and height attributes to the img element. I have also included the code to center the image by placing it within a centered paragraph. You could insert this HTML code in HTML Mode in the IBO Toolbox PR or Front Page Editor and it will work just fine.

<p style="text-align:center;" >
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="image host" title="Let's get Everyone Home Safe from the Holidays" width="200" height="200" ></a>

image host

*Note: Facebook only supports PNG and JPG. Active GIF images do not display properly on Facebook.

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