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  • About Nove-Noga: I have created this page to assist my ASN Clients who are interested in getting serious about marketing the ASN Opportunity. Anyone is welcome to use this information and share this link with their own Clients and Associates who may find it useful. However, this page is not part of the Nove-Noga Menus so you may want to Bookmark this page for your own reference.
  • As this page was created for my ASN Clients and their Downline, it is assumed that you have completed the Setup of your ASN Account. If not, please go to

  • One of the most valuable *Free Network Marketing Tools that I have found on the Internet is IBO Toolbox. It provides a forum to learn about marketing techniques and opportunities as well as a community of people willing to support you in your efforts regardless of the opportunity you are promoting. It is also a great place to begin expanding your Networks. To make it easier on New IBO Toolbox Members, I have put together the IBO Tip List.

  • *Free Means Free!

URL Shorteners

  • For many places where we share our links, it can be advantageous to use Tools to shorten or mask our links. At IBO Toolbox, you have access, for free, to the IBOurl and the Alias. While a limited mask of our links may be useful, I have a personal aversion to "Blind" links that are simply a random selection of characters. Who knows what could be hiding behind them? On the other hand, a "shortened" link that is informative only makes sense.

  • With the IBOurl tool, you create a separate link for each page that you want to reference. Each IBOurl is referenced by Google and other search engines. Clever choices for Titles and Keywords can cause your IBOurl to show up at the top of targeted search pages.

  • Another Free option is the TinyURL. Like the IBOurl, you can use it to create a simple mask for any Affiliate Link or URL that you simply want to shorten. You can also create a TinyURL Alias. One advantage to the TinyURL is that you can create one for your BaseLink and simply add the page extensions to it. I used it to create the TinyURL Alias for my ASN BaseLink . Note that this link is for the bin/d2 series of ASN Pages.

  • This TinyURL by itself goes to the Mission Statement. When I add the Extension to it becomes the link for any of the bin/d2 pages that I choose. becomes


  • If you are just getting started in Network Marketing, it is easy to become overwhelmed. On every side you are beset by offers to sell you information you need to succeed, "free training" that is just pulling you into their sales funnel, and other forms of razzle dazzle and confusion. I created the GetStarted series to get you off to a Good Start. Unlike many others, I don't insist you sign up with me to learn my "secrets".

  • Most of my work is shared at IBO Toolbox and you don't even need to be a member there to read what I have to offer. You can find it at Just Click on [PRS] in the menu bar to see my list of Press Releases.

  • I have produced several groups of Press Releases. It is easier to list them on my own pages here at Nove-Noga than it is to rely on people finding them by chance. The GetStarted Series will walk you through some of the necessary early steps for setting up your Network Marketing Efforts. It is by no means complete at this time so you may want to Bookmark it to see what changes in the future. GetStarted

Network Marketing

  • Network Marketing is about using our Networks to expand our Marketing Reach. It is not about bracing every person you meet and hitting them up with your "Great Opportunity." It is about building relationships. Find out what people need and see if what you have will suit their needs. If not, perhaps you know someone who does. When we work together, we all benefit.

  • Your Social Networks are the Key to Network Marketing. Facebook is a powerful tool. You are allowed up to 5000 Friends on Facebook but there is no limit to the number that can Follow you. In one of the GetStarted PRs, Do you want more Facebook Friends, I go into detail about how you can safely build your Friends List.

  • The trick with Network Marketing is to create an appealing presentation of posts into which you can mix information on your opportunities without driving away your potential audience. Make them laugh and get them interested in what you have to share. Then when they are ready to see what you have to offer, they will find it among your posts.

  • In early June, I had about 350 Friends on Facebook. By early September, I had about 3500 Friends. Many of them have reached out to me through Messenger. Some have opened their conversation with a large greeting about how great their Opportunity is. Please do not emulate their behavior. Instead, take the time to get to know them. It is likely that your ASN pages have a link that will help them. Ask before sending the link. Remember that building your ASN Network is as important as selling to those who need our services.

  • For more Ideas and information on Network Marketing or Viral Marketing, look at your ASN Viral Marketing page (I could use the help but you want to make your own money.) Just change the ClientCode /CM119446/ to yours.


Marketing with IBO Toolbox

  • One of the best Network Marketing tools is IBO Toolbox. There you will find a Community of Independent Business Owners sharing insight, information and opportunities through their Press Releases and commentary. To make your Network Marketing work, you need to expand your Networks. Your Associates at IBO Toolbox are a good place to start.

  • Your purpose is to draw interest and traffic to your business. To get started, go to the IBO Toolbox Tip List and work your way through it. There are many Videos and Instructional PRs at IBO Toolbox that you may find more to your liking. I tend to use a Step-by-Step, Click-by-Click approach. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at IBO Toolbox.

  • People tend to buy from People they Know, Like and Trust. The best Press Releases are not of the "Sell, Sell, Sell" variety. They are the ones that inform and entertain us. Let people know who you are and how you got where you are today. In closing, let them know a little about the tools you are using to change your life. As you build relationships, you are building your future.

Viral Tools and Traffic Exchanges

  • Viral Tools and Traffic Exchanges can be an excellent way to spread your messages. The more places that you can place your link, the better your chances of recruiting new Clients. As their Mentor, you are responsible for guiding them to success. I find the Traffic Exchanges to be a fascinating resource for discovering new Advertising Channels and seeing the current market trends. Each Traffic Exchange has its own methods of operation. Be sure that you are aware of the time required to make it work.

  • Four of my Favorite Free Tools:

  • AdViralizer is a Free Tool that I share with all of my new Associates at IBO Toolbox. It also provides you with links to many popular Traffic Exchanges.

  • TrafficAdBar: Promote up to Five websites for free. Exchange: View 3 sites per day per website listed.
  • *NB: Views of your sites seem to go up during the time that you are surfing. You may view as many sites as you wish.*

  • Link Referral: An Excellent Resource for information and Marketing Possibilities.

  • Viral Repeat: Another Excellent Viral Advertising Tool. This operates on a Daily basis. View Seven Sites to have your Banner included in the rotation for 24 Hours.

  • Another list of popular Traffic Exchanges can be found in Just remember to change the ClientCode /CM119446/ to yours.

Marketing with Free Classified Advertising

  • If you have the time for it, part of your daily routine should include placing at least ten ads per day. Below is a list of the Advertising Vendors that I use along with some information about their rules and posting methods.

  • You can earn ASN Points if you elect to purchase advertising with AdlandPro, AdPost and US Freeads through Be Sure to change the ClientCode /CM119446/ to yours. There are other advertising resources on the same page that you may want to explore.

  • *NB: I recommend setting up a Data Base, maybe excel, for keeping track of advertising vendors and the ads that you have placed with them. I am looking for a good visual data base tool for creation of a system that I could share with you.*

  • BackPage: has some specific rules about where and How often you post. It will accept the ads and not display them. I Recommend you start in your area and post a different ad each time.
  • Link-Blog 1/day Only Actual URL's Display Dur=45.

  • Craigslist: Has Strict Rules. I post in Services - Small Biz Ads. You can post more than once a day. I recommend creating many ads over a period of time and repost them in a cycle.
  • Formatted-Blog 1/day

  • The Epage Group: Text with inactive link. Blog style 10 free per Page.
  • Use Different Email with each Page. Or use paid service for massive coverage.
  • Epage:
  • 1ads:
  • Free-World-Classifieds:
  • HighLand Classifieds:

  • Hot 9 Ads:
  • Link Blog 1/day city changeable

  • Adpost:
  • Text 1K 3/day

  • ClassifiedAds:
  • Link-Blog Embedded Links 1/day

  • InetGiant:
  • Link Blog Business Opps. Cities Changeable

  • SaleSpider: A Good Place for Another Business Profile.
  • Link Blog. Multi City 10/day.

  • TransWorld-Ads:
  • Link Blog Address etc. Displayed

  • WebbyClassifieds:


Get Organized

  • Get Organized. This is Business. You want to develop efficient methods of keeping track of your information. I keep a Daily Log. It contains any links or references that I use on a daily basis. I have started using the Hash Tag method to quickly access different portions of the file. Example: #Daily is where I add new notes, to do listings, copies of my PR comments and interesting site addresses that I find each day.

  • If you have Microsoft Word, you may have access to OneNote. I found it to be another powerful tool for helping you in your efforts. It is very effective when Copy and Paste is the right answer.

  • Start setting up a schedule for your daily events. Add to your schedule considering the time available for each process. It can be daunting but a good schedule can keep you from missing important points through the day.

  • A good mindset can be as important as any other tool that you use. Your Success is up to You but it is easier to achieve if you Believe in Yourself. "Think and Grow Rich" is a very popular and useful book for those just coming to terms with what can be achieved when we Believe. Your Mind was your First Programmable Device. Take care with how you program yourself.

  • Decide how much time and energy you can devote to your Marketing Efforts. This is a game of inches and numbers. You won't signup every person you talk to and many of those who do will fail to follow up. Consistent activity is the path that will create the future you desire. Nove-Noga!

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