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Home Energy Solutions

Solar and Wind Resource Info.
  • Solar Energy has come of age in recent years. Why does it seem that only the rich people are taking advantage of it? If it is effective enough for them, the average DIY homeowner should be able to make use of it as well. And if it works for the DIY people, is there a way for the home renter to start saving with solar energy?
  • When considering what approach to take you need to consider your location and the impact of local building codes on your plans. It is possible that you may not be Allowed to create installations of this type by yourself. This is especially true of systems designed to integrate with the mainstream grid. Only with such a connection can you expect to be paid by the local power system for the excess power generated by your system.

  • If you think of the problem as a single solution, you are liable to go to a solar contractor and find their answer is investment in a single large system with an extra-large price tag and a capacity that may not even come up to your needs. What we need is a way to start small. A process that will allow us to add to our system as we can afford until the system is large enough for our needs without costing two arms and a leg.

  • There are a lot of places to get some of the information that you need. Michael Harvey, an electrician by trade, made use of many of these sources when he was solving the problems that you are facing now. He was so successful at creating his own solar panels that he was bombarded by requests for his methods. He finally put it all together in one package that he tested with a fair sized group. If you have a reasonable level of DIY capability, you should be able to achieve the same results.

  • His video series will show you step-by-step his methods for creating his own solar panel from the individual solar cells. Then he will give you the information necessary to scale your system up to the level that you desire.

  • Consider that a large part of the profit margin in the major solar installations is in the markup on the products that they are selling to you. By building the panels yourself, you get them for much less than retail cost. This instruction set will help you build your own solar panel that produces up to 120 watts. As you join these panels together at your own pace, you can scale the system up as necessary to the size that you need.

  • With the ever rising cost of energy and the looming threat of global warming it is necessary for us to begin taking responsibility for our own actions. If we can reduce our recurring bills and improve the environment, then the only question is how to get started. Many of the answers lie in this presentation. Check it out today and tomorrow you may be well on the way to solving your own energy problems.

  • Are you ready to join the green revolution? Have you been considering ways to apply solar technology to your home energy problems? Are you ready to find real home energy solutions?

Solar and Wind Resource Info.


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